All Photographs courtesy: Kirtiraj Suthar, Videography: Anik Sen, Styling: Eeshaan Kashyap

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”    
-George Sand




Setting the table is no mean task; it’s a canvas for moments, a stage for stories, and a revival of traditions. For tablescaping maestro Eeshaan Kashyap, it is an everyday ritual, a platform for his creative brilliance, an act where he displays his creativity with joyful touches and a verdant aesthetic.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and whether you’re ordering in their favourite meal or cooking up your own pièce de résistance in the kitchen, a little attention to detail can go a long way when it comes to creating the perfect table setting. 

For our exclusive Valentine’s Edit, we asked Eeshaan to share his tips and tricks to create an unforgettable date night experience, right at home. By employing the Shugo Dining Table from our latest collection – “The Apartment” as an opus, Eeshaan gives all the dreamy inspiration you need this Valentine’s Day.

Prepare to be whisked away into a world where every detail, no matter how minute, tells a story of warmth, love, and celebration. 



A study in minimalist aesthetics and refined details, the Shugo Dining Table is a standout for its style, integrity, and adaptability to any space, masterfully crafted from marble. By using Shugo as a base, Eeshaan complements it with romantic touches and elegant details.





To highlight the beauty of the minimal dining table and the occasion, Eeshaan opted for delicate touches to set the scene. And what’s Valentine’s without a dash of red and some handcrafted treasures to offset it with?



The season of indulgent gifting, decadent splurges, and love-filled extravagance calls for an abundance of candles and statement candle holders. These chic pieces embody the essence of Valentine’s Day without even trying!



An unforgettable date night setting or an epic party night – the all-important champagne coupés are the sparkling additions that will make it a fabulous fete. A champagne tower is a sure-fire way to make a special occasion feel even more special. 



Add some natural elements to the table to keep things fresh and romantic. Flowers and wild stems are the ultimate accessories you need to make your celebration memorable, no matter where you are. Add them to a sculptural vase and you have yourselves a winner of a setting!



Clink, clink! Any good partner knows the invaluable role of a beautifully stocked bar cart. While serving style is equally important as serving libations, keep it stylish with exceptional bar accessories which make serving cocktails easy as pie!



Half a dozen reasons to rope in fresh fruits, seasonal strawberries being one of them! Placed on a pedestal, in a bowl, or sprinkled through your centrepiece, colourful fruit adds a beautiful touch to your table décor. Spread them out over platters, cocktail glasses, and even scatter some on the table to bring a touch of Eve’s garden to the setting. 



Take your setting from gloom to glow with ambient lighting that strikes the right chords. Opt for mood-makers that will instantly elevate your setup and keep the glow on the stars of the night, i.e. you and your partner!




Crisp table linen with a soft feel, gold finish flatware, shimmering glass vases, and raw foliage can all feel mismatched when placed separately, but creates a beautiful symphony here, as orchestrated by Eeshaan.



You’re done with the table setting, you’ve lit the candles, but what music do you have queued up for the evening? What’s the perfect soundtrack for some slow dancing? Groove to Eeshaan’s favourite Valen-tunes to get the love brewing <3 




A few gift ideas from our favourite tastemaker that aren’t chocolates, candles, or cringe. Here’s what Eeshaan has curated for his own Valentine’s Day gift cart – special somethings that say ‘I love you’ in the most perfect ways.



All Photographs courtesy: Kirtiraj Suthar, Videography: Anik Sen, Styling: Eeshaan Kashyap