A slice of the technicolour universe, Maria Lozano’s residence in the iconic Torres Blancas building in Madrid is a microcosm of the designer’s perennial inspiration. The 850 sq. ft. of space mimics the happy hues and kitschy aesthetics inspired by an artistic style, so intrinsic to the Fauvism and Bauhaus art movements.



Founded by Maria Lozano, D’Lab (TheDreamLab) is an incubator for creative ideas that blur the lines between art, architecture, interiors, and design. The design house truly believes that the intersection of disciplines is where the magic happens. 

 Originally from Madrid, María moved to New York City in 2013 to receive her Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from GSAPP, Columbia University. Previously, she studied Architecture at the ETSAG- Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. When not busy developing brand expressions for the world’s leading companies, she spends most of her time expanding her artistic practice and dreaming up new designs between Madrid, the Canary Islands, and Brooklyn.


 Dining table designed by D’Lab and fabricated by JRR Studio; Gofi chairs and Bold chairs by Moustache, Ceiling lamp Cirkus by Bymar.

A blank canvas in Madrid's emblematic Torres Blancas building, no matter how small, is considered a dream design project for any architect. This was especially true for María, who recognized its potential from the very beginning, and whose childhood dream was immediately realized when she found this space that met all her requirements.


Striped Pillows by D’Lab for BelongNYC, Rug design by D’Lab for Woop Rugs, Drift Chairs by Tornasol, Table Lamp Boatiné by Cristina Omarrementería, Art by Bosco Sodi and Azul by José Guerrero, both from gallery Artelandia.

 The perfect space combined her living needs as well as accommodated her new design studio. Suffusing D’Lab’s signature colour palette and the strong lines so characteristic of the brand, the apartment contrives a dialogue of space and light in the centre of Madrid. Designed to let creativity thrive, the apartment features strong luxury furniture pieces set against a contemporary language.


Bedroom: Striped Pillow design by D’Lab for BelongNYC, Rug design by D’Lab for Woop Rugs, bed stand, Hide Pedestal by Hem, Art Napolitana by Jorge Dana form Gärna Gallery.

Bathroom: Millwork by Musavia, tiles from Nais y faucets by Icónico.


Kitchen from Vonna, Art Sustento I by Alfonso Albacete for Artelandia & Boob by ChanelDehond.

“More is more, and vignettes can happen anywhere. Books should be everywhere, and you can never have too many textures at play.”


With unexpected details like tactile textures and conversation-worthy silhouettes, the home decor elevates the everyday with its own unique allure. Pops of colour and bold, geometric shapes define every corner with their own playful character. These colourful and eccentric pieces exude feel-good energy, and add oodles of positivity to the space. Like in a fantasy wonderland, these pieces of joy impart a slightly bizarre yet unique touch to the interiors. 

Art on the wall: Hyperballad by Santiago Picatoste for Gärna Gallery, Art on bench: Waldorf Astoria II by Eduardo Arroyo for Grabados y Litografías, Chair Coco by Gubi,Boa Pouf by Sabine Marcelis for Hem and Rug design by D’Lab for Woop Rugs.


Sinuous curves, continuity of the spaces, and spectacular natural light pervades every pore of the apartment. A highly functional space, the space’s existing architecture is stunningly enhanced with the strong formal components, almost oneiric, so rooted in Maria’s designs. Maria’s eclectic personality is the driving force behind the gorgeous space; she has infused soul into its contrivance thanks to her passion for art, local craftsmanship, and an unmatched eye for layering, and creating elevated spaces with a wow factor. 

Madrid’s captivating history, its bustling local culture, and no dearth of hip spots make this Iberian city one of the most visited in the world. Maria finds the perfect balance between the old and the new in Madrid, the often overlooked city treasures, and the best combination of boldness and  eclecticism in our latest #THOTPassport series - Madrid, UNPACKED.




1. Crystal Palace

“Start the day off at Retiro Park (the Central Park of Madrid) and walk to the Crystal Palace, in the middle of the gardens. The unexpected architecture will surprise you, and inspire you to think about Madrid's rich history.”


2. Serrería Belga

“To explore the city's local culture, go visit Serrería Belga. It's the latest addition to Madrid's Arts Triangle, which consists of the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia Museums. Serrería Belga is a free cultural centre with rotating exhibits. It's worth the visit even if it's just to see the space by architects Langarita-Navarro.”


3. Old City

“You must visit the Old City, also called 'El Madrid de los Austrias' (or 'The Madrid of the Austrians'). It was built during the reign of the Habsburg Dynasty (1516-1700), known in Spain as Casa de Austria. Plaza Mayor, huevos rotos in Casa Lucio and the chocolate con churros at San Ginés are always a must.”

4. Campo del Moro Gardens

“If you can, squeeze in one last museum, the Galería de las Colecciones Reales, one of my favourite new buildings finished in the last couple of years in the city. Don't forget to walk through the amazing Campo del Moro Gardens. You won't regret 



1. Mercedo de San Miguel

 “While in the old city, don't forget to visit Mercado de San Miguel. Even if it's always packed with people, the authentic experience of getting some tapas is worth it.”

2. Tramo 

“If you're looking for the coolest gastro spot in town, your place is Tramo. This new restaurant combines conscious design, responsible gastronomy and social responsibility. The perfect venue to enjoy some amazing contemporary Spanish cuisine.”




1. Templo de Debod

“Finish the day at Templo de Debod, my favourite place to catch the sunset.  The old ruins which were a gift from Egypt always create a magical scenery while the sun is coming down.”


1. El Rastro

“If you're in the mood for antique shopping, you cannot miss El Rastro. It's an outdoor fair that takes place on Sundays where you can find everything from tchotchkes to antique furniture pieces. Try to go early and go inside Nuevas Galerías and Galerías Piquer.”


2. WOW Concept 

“For a more contemporary shopping experience WOW Concept is a must. This concept store with amazing interior design brings all the upcoming Spanish designers under one roof. My favourite place to buy someone a special gift”