Leviosa Design

Leviosa Design

Leviosa Design was started as a hub to work on new concepts by Prabal Pratap Singh. With a never-ending passion to add utility to various designs, the foundations of the organisation were laid in the challenging times of 2020. Leviosa explores the individual forms of marble and explores to create an experience that not just stands out but is one of a kind. Specializing in hand carved and inlaid marble table light installations and accessories, Leviosa aims to create a brand value of prestige quality, class and expertise.

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Featured Products

Funnel Table Lamp
As low as ₹29,600.00
Options Available

Vitiligo Tea Light

Vitiligo Bowl

Angel Lamp

Pillar Table Lamp

Beacon Table Lamp
As low as ₹29,600.00
Options Available

Elliptical Lamp
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