by Maria Lozano

The House Of Things partners with Spanish creative studio TheDreamLab (D'Lab) on a bold, modern, and playful home collection, designed to brighten and uplift your spaces.
Founded by Maria Lozano, D’Lab is a multi-disciplinary studio that blurs the lines between art, architecture, interiors, and design. When not busy developing brand expressions for the world’s leading companies, Maria spends most of her time expanding her artistic practice and shuttling between Madrid, the Canary Islands, and Brooklyn. ‘Chroma Casa’ is a creative fusion inspired by an imagined journey undertaken by Mexican architect Luis Barragán to India. This collection envisions how Barragán, captivated by the enchanting architecture of India during a fictional voyage, infused elements of its essence into his designs in Mexico. Delving into the mix of Mexican and Indian design languages resonates deeply with D'Lab’s aesthetic ethos. The infusion of vibrant colours, rich textures, evocative sensations, volume, and layered history consistently defines their designs. Chroma Casa embodies a spirit of adventure, an intrepid journey, suffused with feel-good dopamine. From playful furniture staples to iridescent glassware and vibrant home linen, the collection has something for everyone who loves a pop of colour.

Featured Products

Sombrero Planter
As low as ₹12,500.00
Options Available

Tinaja Vases
As low as ₹6,950.00
Options Available

Sueños Bed

Fiesta Dining Chair
As low as ₹50,900.00
Options Available

Piñata Vase

 Flor Bowl

Sol Bench

Nube Armchair

Casa Barragán - Art Print by Maria Lozano - Set of 3
Options Available
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