Ziba Homes

Ziba Homes

Founded by two visionary friends and architects, Ziba Homes is a celebration of the extraordinary. The brand specializes in crafting unique furniture pieces featuring materials sourced from the far reaches of the globe. Mitali and Ria, the creative minds behind the brand, bring a blend of architectural expertise and artistic flair to every design. The furniture pieces are not merely functional; they are handcrafted works of art that tell a story of craftsmanship, history, and the inherent beauty found in diverse regions worldwide. From the pristine whites of Carrara to the rich, earthy tones of Indian green marble, each piece created at Ziba is a testament to the natural strength and elegance found in the heart of the Earth.

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Featured Products

 Plinth Coffee Table

Panda Coffee Table

Elliot Dining Table

Stage Console Table

Osaka Side Table
As low as ₹125,000.00
Options Available

Dabney Nesting Coffee Table
As low as ₹115,000.00
Options Available

Mateo Console Table

Telly Console Table

Distinct Coffee Table
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